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Read "Krimsin Redamancy: Chapter 1: Doppelganger"

Krimsin Redamancy is a gay/bi romance/fantasy. The story has a sassy, sweet, emotional, adventurous, and so much more.

The setting starts in Wisconsin, Jasper a 16 yr old (Adopted) Fem-Boy who’s is an Doppelganger of Bill Kaulitz, finds his dreams come true as he forms a secret sassy relationship with his 18 yr old adopted-to-brother Dxane who is a doppelganger of Jayy Von Monroe.

Everything starts going in his favor until a jilted ex-crush/bully enters the picture with his crazy extremist Gf. His life gets flipped upside down when he gets thrown from Earth and must live in Trimble-Earthrealm. Where he is taken in by an Alpha Werewolf (Kodiak) and his Pack.

Here he learns his truth. His reality. What is it?

Will he get back?

will he stay and find a new love…

what else could happen to Jasper?

Will his past catch up with him?

Copyright © 2014 Cody D. Blassingame

All Rights Reserved

All doppelgangers are in no way to be thought of as the actual counterparts, or in anyway affect their reputations or lives.

All characters and storylines, are mine, and belong to me.
Please no stealing, or using against my permission.
Please enjoy the story.


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